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Who Is Responsible In a Drunk Driving Accident?

Man Driving with BottleWhen you think of a drunk driving accident, it’s easy to see why there is so much to consider following the crash. For the victim, they must understand what steps to take while also dealing with the initial shock and trauma of the crash.

They often sustain serious injuries as a result of these types of crashes and in order to pursue legal action, it’s very important to understand which parties may be held accountable. In some situations, it can be more than just one party.

The Drunk Driver

This is the most obvious party who may be held accountable for a drunk driving crash. The driver made the decision to drink while intoxicated and knew that the alcohol could impair their ability to safely and properly operate a vehicle.

When they make a decision to drive after drinking, these individuals put others at risk of serious danger because their vision, decision making, and other cognitive abilities may be impaired. Because of this, they’re most often the main person responsible for the crash.

A Bar, Restaurant, or Other Establishment

Not everyone knows, but individuals who were injured as a result of a drunk driving crash may be able to take separate legal action against a bar, restaurant, or other establishment. Some states allow for dram shop law cases in which a business can be held accountable if they served a minor or visibly intoxicated person alcohol, and then that person caused the injury-related crash.

Party Host

Even if the drunk driver was at a friend or family member’s house—if they served them alcohol to the point beyond intoxication and allowed them to drive, some states may hold this host accountable. These types of cases do not take liability off the drunk driver.

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