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The Various Causes of Car Accidents and How They Cause Harm

Taking Photos of Your AccidentWhen someone is involved in a serious car accident, there are plenty of questions that may go through their head. Unfortunately, not all answers are immediately and it’s important to have strong legal counsel on your side to help you understand the complexities.

One of the more difficult factors to consider is determining the cause of the accident, as well as the type of injuries a person may sustain as a result. Understanding these factors can be important for anyone who decides to take legal action against the negligent party.

Knowing the exact cause of the accident can be directly related to who is fault and the severity of the injuries involved. This can put you in a more favorable position when you decide to move forward with your case seeking compensation from the negligent party.

Here are some of the most common causes of car accidents and how they cause someone to sustain an injury.

Drunk Driving Crashes

Drunk driving accidents are some of the most common that occur. Thousands upon thousands of people each year suffer serious injuries because another driver makes the decision to drink before driving, resulting in impaired vision and decision making.

Drunk driving accidents often cause individuals to lose focus not only on the road and their surroundings, but also the rate at which they are traveling. This means they can easily speed up over the legal limit and lose control, resulting in a crash.

Individuals harmed as a result of a drunk driving crash may experience serious harm because they often involve higher speeds, head-on collisions, and more. This could lead to serious head and spinal cord injuries.

Distracted Driving Accidents

If there was any cause of car accident that may rival drunk driving accidents, it may be distracted driving. This is such an unfortunate situation because it involves something that is considered highly preventable if individuals would just wait to check their phones or avoided any other kind of distractions.

For some, distracted driving may be a result of individuals using their cell phones while driving such as texting or talking. Typically, this requires the driver to look down from the road. This is a dangerous action, especially when traveling at higher rates of speed.

Distracted driving can also come in other forms of which not everyone is aware. For instance, if there are numerous people in the vehicle being loud or moving too much, it could be a distraction to the driver. Similarly, eating, putting on makeup, or reaching for something in a difficult location could be considered distracted driving.

Reckless Actions While Driving

While drunk and distracted driving can both be considered reckless, there are other actions that may come into play here and deem the driver negligent. For instance, actions that may be considered breaking the law can be considered.

Speeding could be considered a reckless act. This can cause the driver to lose control of their vehicle or fail to stop in time to prevent an accident. Speeding is against the law and it could impact how much time the driver has to react to potential dangers.

Running traffic signals or failing to yield when signs call for it are also illegal actions that may cause a crash and be considered reckless. Typically, this occurs at intersections and can result in a T-bone accident, in which one side of the vehicle is struck by the front end of the negligent party.

Fatigued Driving

Far too many people stay out later than they should when they are already tired. As a result, there are individuals on the road who may be tired, leaving the possibility for error much higher than normal as they may close their eyes or if their decision-making abilities are impaired.

Some signs of a fatigued driver may include swerving in and out of lanes, or speeding up and slowing down constantly, or driving off the side of the road. This kind of action could lead to the driver swerving into oncoming traffic and a head-on collision occurring.

Why a Car Accident Lawyer Is So Important

Proving the direct cause of the accident is not an easy task when trying to navigate the legal waters alone. However, you can help yourself and your case by reaching out to a legal professional who can investigate the evidence and utilize resources to help determine the cause.

Then, when you know the cause, you can have an increased chance of seeking legal action against the negligent party and working toward obtaining the compensation and justice you deserve. This is why one of your first steps after a crash should be hiring a legal advocate.

At Lowe Law Group, our car accident attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals injured as a result of someone else’s negligent actions. When someone causes a crash and subsequent injuries, they should be held fully accountable and our team is here to help see to it that happens.

We have the experience, skills, and resources necessary to give our clients peace of mind at every stage of the legal battle and put their best interests at the forefront of our practice. You can put your trust in us to do everything we can to help you in your time of need.

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