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Social Host Liability Laws

Just as some states have dram shop laws, some states have social host liability. In these cases, you may be able to take legal action against an additional party for your damages. Before pursuing compensation, make sure you speak with a lawyer to see if your state has the laws necessary to hold a social host accountable for their part in a drunk driving crash.

When Is a Social Host Liable?

Similar to dram shop law, social host liability occurs when a homeowner, renter, or someone who is throwing a party gives someone else alcohol, and that person causes a crash. Evidence in social host liability cases is similar to cases involving dram shop.

  • Proving that the social host provided a minor with alcohol and let them leave the residence.
  • Proving that the social host provided an already intoxicated person with even more alcohol and made no reasonable attempt to stop the person from leaving.

While common law generally allows social hosts to hold no liability, there are exceptions. The most common exception is the social host serving a minor alcohol and allowing them to drive. Holding a social host accountable for an adult drink driver is not nearly as common.

If you suffer an injury in a drunk driving accident, it’s easy to understand how you may not know what rights you have. It’s best to speak with a skilled legal professional who can help you understand your options to pursue compensation and who you may hold accountable.

When you suffer severe harm, our car accident attorneys will be right by your side. We put your needs first, pursuing maximum compensation through the complex legal matters that may lie ahead. Lowe Law Group has significant experience in drunk driving accidents, and we’ll be there for you through the entire process.

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