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"When I hired Lowe Law Group they always found time for me. I felt like I was their most important client even though my case was not particularly large. They are a great team that got me a fantastic result."
- Jason Delight, 5/5 Stars

You will find that our team is authentically compassionate and friendly, hopefully giving you some confidence that your case will be handled correctly. In order to also help ease any jittery nerves you might be feeling right now, we provide no-cost, no-obligation case evaluations, allowing you to learn more about your rights and legal options for free.

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  • “Jed did was fantastic he worked really hard for me and I really appreciate his timeliness I expected things to go at a different pace so it was very surprising how we got things done so fast I'm so appreciative I don't know how to express my feelings.”

    - Henry Phillips
  • “If this site was set up for ten stars, then I would choose that number! Jason K. and his entire staff were just truly amazing, and what an accomplishment they fulfilled for me! What a level of compassion they displayed on my behalf!”

    - Don Stockard
  • “These guys are not like the ambulance chasers you see on TV. Eric is as genuine as it gets! I can not thank them enough, and they are highly respected and recommended by me!”

    - Kent Wallace
Our Team Is Your Team The Right Attorney Can Make All the Difference

When you hire our firm, it is like having a lawyer in your family. We are singularly focused on treating every client like our only client, providing them with the dedicated care and attention they deserve.

Ogden Personal Injury Attorneys

Fighting for the Wrongfully Injured in Utah – (801) 797-3444

Lowe Law Group and our Ogden personal injury attorneys believe in doing what is right for our clients and making the legal process of filing a personal injury claim as easy for them as possible. A key part of our principals is offering our clients contingency fee agreements, which states we do not collect attorney fees at all unless we win the case and collect a verdict, award, or settlement for our client.

In order to improve our own chances of succeeding, we like to take the time to really get to know our clients, sit down with them to thoroughly discuss their accident or incident, and create a personalized strategy for negotiations or litigation, if need be. We know that your future comfort and wellbeing are both on the line, and we intend to do everything in our power to make things right and secure your maximized compensation.

Here are a few of the reasons why people work with our attorney team:

  • We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients.
  • Each case we take gets one-on-one attention.
  • We prefer to stay in communication with our clients – no surprises.
  • Every case is approached by a team of legal professionals.

What Do Personal injury Lawyers Do?

Personal injury lawyers help people who have been hurt because someone else was not careful. They help get people the money they need to pay for medical bills and other things that are related to the accident. Personal injury lawyers look at all the details of what happened to make sure their client gets the compensation they deserve. They also talk with other parties involved in the case, like insurance companies, to get a good result for their clients.

Here are some other ways a Utah injury lawyer can help:

  • Investigating the claim: Personal injury lawyers in Utah will thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding an accident to determine who was at fault and their role in causing the harm.
  • Collecting evidence: Attorneys will collect evidence such as police reports, medical records, witness statements, and photos from the scene of the accident or incident. This information can be used to build a solid case for their client's claim.
  • Negotiating with insurance companies: A Utah personal injury attorney is experienced in negotiating with insurance companies on behalf of their clients to ensure they receive maximum compensation for their injuries.
  • Filing a lawsuit: If negotiations are unsuccessful, an attorney may file a lawsuit against the responsible party in order to seek justice on behalf of their client. If necessary, they can attempt to secure more favorable results through court proceedings.
  • Representation during trial proceedings: An attorney can represent injured parties during all stages of litigation including pretrial hearings, settlement conferences, mediation sessions and courtroom trials if needed.
  • Reviewing legal documents: Injured individuals may not understand all aspects of legal paperwork related to their case. This is why it’s essential that they consult with a qualified lawyer before signing any papers that could affect them negatively down the line.

Can I Afford an Ogden Personal Injury Lawyer?

Empty Wheelchair in the Parking Lot - Utah injury lawyer

Finances are typically major concerns after suffering a personal injury from another party’s negligence. If you are wondering whether you can afford to hire a personal injury attorney, this is understandable. In many cases, however, you cannot afford to not hire an attorney. When it comes to proving liability, you have a lot to lose.

If you try to handle the case on your own, you run the risk of settling for less than what you are rightfully entitled to from the accident. If the insurance adjuster fails to assess your losses, you could be left with the costs of:

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physical therapy
  • Other expenses

Additionally, your focus would be divided between handling the personal injury lawsuit and your recovery if you choose to handle your case alone.

Managing Your Personal Injury Case on Your Behalf

No one wants to have to sort through legalese and paperwork after being in an accident. People would understandably rather rest, relax, and try to recuperate as much as they can. Our injury lawyers in Ogden know as much and respect the want to take it easy and stay out of legal complications. We can manage your injury claim from start to finish so you can do just that, no matter what type of claim it may be. Right now, you deserve steadfast legal advocacy that never backs down from a fight. You deserve the talents of Lowe Law Group.

There’s No Time to Lose with Your Utah Injury Case

We understand that you may want time to mentally process the accident and your injuries, but in Utah, time is of the essence. Utah has a strict time limit, called the statute of limitations, for those who want to pursue legal action against the alleged party that wronged them. Under most circumstances, you only have four years from the date of the injury to file a claim. Our team of Ogden personal injury attorneys can work to ensure that you adhere to all deadlines and that the legal process is as smooth as possible.

How Long Does a Personal Injury Take to Settle?

Those who have been involved in an accident, whether a truck accident, car accident, slip and fall, or any other scenario caused by another's negligence, that resulted in personal injuries to themselves or another have found themselves at a crossroads. With all the unknowns ahead, being clear on how long your case may take is important to having confidence in the road ahead.

The length of time that your case takes will vary depending on numerous factors. When you try to handle your case alone, however, it will likely be a drawn out process that does not result in a favorable outcome to you. By working together with a lawyer committed to your case, the settlement process will be much smoother and more effective.

Our legal team will never rush through the legal process to get your case in and out of the door, but we will take measures to ensure each step is as effective as possible. Here are some of the factors that can impact the length of the process:

  • Legal or Factual Conflicts - Many of these conflicts can be resolved through evidence such as medical records, imaging results, witness interviews, photographs of injuries, etc.
  • Medical Treatment - Make sure that you obtain thorough medical treatment and follow all of the prescribed steps for recovery. Not only will this help you heal but it will also help prevent unnecessary complications.
  • The Amount of Money Involved - If the case involves large amounts of money resulting from severe injuries, it may take longer for the insurance company to settle.
  • Whether or Not You File a Lawsuit - You and your attorney will need to decide whether a lawsuit is necessary or whether it can be settled outside of court.

Reach out to a member of our team immediately after suffering your injury from another person’s negligence. The sooner you file a claim and report damages, the sooner your case can be settled.

Your Future Is Worth Fighting For

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  • A Sense of Understanding

    We will step into your shoes to better understand your goals and effectively fight for the justice that you deserve in your case.

  • A Client-First Philosophy

    Our team is prepared to do whatever is necessary to ensure your comfort and convenience, from traveling to you to arranging your medical care.

  • A Personalized Experience

    Our attorneys refuse to treat you like another number and are committed to being directly involved in your case every step of the way.

  • A Results-Driven Approach

    We have recovered over $265 million dollars for injury victims in the past and are committed to winning your case next.

  • A Network of Support

    When you hire our firm, you not only get the support of one attorney but a large team guiding you through the legal process.

  • A Compassionate Team

    Our attorneys are truly empathetic advocates whom you can count on to be in your corner when you need them most.

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Our Victories Are Your Victories

Over $200 Million Recovered For Our Clients
  • Car Accident $1,400,000

    Car Accident. $1,400,000 Settlement.

  • Truck Accident $1,350,000

    A passenger in a semi-truck was exiting the highway and rolled twice due to faulty brakes.

  • Car Accident $1,173,294.92

    Car accident resulting in a $1,173,294.92 settlement.

  • Car Accident $1,015,000

    Client hit head-on by a drunk driver.

  • Car Accident $1,015,000

    Hit head-on by drunk driver.

  • Car Accident $1,000,000

    Client driving southbound on North Meridian, Puyallup WA. At the intersection of North Meridian and River Rd, she sought to make it through the light, as she had a green light. However, the defendant proceeded to the westbound intersection, in which she had a red light, T-boning our client.

  • Premises Liability $1,000,000

    Client was on the job cleaning windows, when a large block of ice fell from the roof of the home, striking him in the head. He laid in the snow where he fell for approximately one hour. The ice block that struck him was still lying on his face. He suffered severe head trauma, skull fractures, and lacerations to his left thigh and shoulder. He was life-flighted to U of U where he passed away due to his injuries.

  • Pedestrian Accident $1,000,000

    Pedestrian Accident. $1,000,000 settlement.

  • Car Accident $1,000,000

    Car accident resulting in serious injuries sustained from crash.

  • Truck Accident $1,000,000

    Automotive accident. $1,000,000 Settlement.