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What to Do If You See a Drunk Driver

If you’re driving and notice someone exhibiting signs of intoxication, you should know what to do to stay safe. Once you see someone swerving between lanes, braking erratically, or speeding, it could mean that they are drunk. In these situations, be sure to do the following.

Stay Away from the Drunk Driver

Most people feel that the most effective way to get away from the drunk driver is to pass them. However, this is dangerous to do on most roads. If the road is only two lanes, passing the vehicle may be a dangerous thing to do.

Instead of trying to pass the driver or drive next to them, it’s safer to stay back and watch for the driver’s reactions. Passing the driver puts you at risk of a sideswipe accident if the driver swerves lanes. If the driver speeds up after you pass them, you may experience a rear-end accident.

Report the Drunk Driver

Use your hands-free device (make sure you are not distracted) to report the drunk driver to local authorities. Reporting the drunk driver does a few different things. First, it helps determine if the driver is intoxicated or tired. Second, it allows you to get the driver off the road.

Reporting the drunk driver can keep you and others on the road as safe as possible. However, make sure you are being safe, as well. Don’t hold onto your cellphone to make the call, and focus on what the drunk driver is doing.

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