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Understanding Dram Shop Laws In Certain States

Everyone should know that drunk driving is one of the most dangerous actions on the road. And in most cases, it’s the drunk driver who holds a majority or all of the fault. However, some states allow individuals who suffer injuries in drunk driving accidents to hold additional parties accountable for the damages they sustain.

Before you read forward, know that laws vary by state. These laws may not apply to your state, so if you suffer injuries in a drunk driving accident, be sure to speak with a lawyer to discover your rights. Here’s what you need to know about dram shop laws:

You May Hold Establishments Accountable for a Drunk Driving Crash

If you suffer injuries in a drunk driving accident, you may look at a potential bar, establishment, or restaurant accountable for your damages. However, proving dram shop laws means showing the following:

  • The establishment served a minor alcohol without asking for proof of age.
  • The establishment served someone who already exhibited signs of intoxication.
  • The establishment served someone after they had already closed.
  • The establishment served someone knowing that they would become severely intoxicated as a result.

Keep in mind, this type of situation does not apply to all states. If you are in a crash involving a drunk driver, you should speak with a lawyer in your state to understand your options.

Getting Damages In a Dram Shop Case

If you are eligible to pursue a dram shop liability case, know that some limits and caps may apply. However, you still have the right to hold the drunk driver accountable for the damages you sustain, especially after a severe injury.

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