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When Are Retailers Responsible for a Crash?

In our last blog, we detailed the various ways that auto manufacturers may be liable for a car accident. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the ways that retailers can be responsible for crashes when they occur and how you can protect your rights.

Despite retailers having a responsibility to care for consumers, there are times where they may put profits over safety. Unfortunately, when retailers hear of recalls and defective products, they must take steps to take them off their shelves. When they don’t do that, they can cause some of the most severe harm.

Refusing to Abide By Recalls

Recalls are essential. They remove problem products from the public. When manufacturers recall vehicle or auto parts, it’s crucial for retailers to abide by those recalls and refuse to sell these dangerous items. Unfortunately, some retailers don’t do that and still sell items despite knowing they can be a problem.

If a recall occurs, retailers should keep a clear understanding of the protocol. If they sell a defective item to the public, and the product causes a crash, the retailer may hold some of the liability. This responsibility would allow an injured party to pursue compensation for their damages.

Getting Legal Help to Pursue Justice

It’s not easy to show negligence and retailer liability, especially because you need to show that the retailer knew of the defect. Hiring a lawyer can help you build the case you need and show that you suffered harm because of someone else’s negligence.

Our car accident lawyers at Lowe Law Group aim to provide you with high-quality legal representation. We look to determine who is negligent after a crash and seek the compensation you need no matter the situation. Trust that we’ll work to be your voice during difficult situations, pursuing the maximum compensation available to you.