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Memory Loss After a Car Accident

There are several effects that you may experience as a result of a crash. Some of them may have long-lasting effects. One potential damage you may endure is memory loss. While this may not seem severe, you should know that memory loss doesn’t just impact your case. It also indicates a potentially worse injury. Here’s everything you need to know about memory loss stemming from a crash:

How Memory Loss Impacts a Claim

Memory loss can significantly impact a claim if it leads to contradicting statements or issues when filing a claim. When someone has memory loss, it can cause them to use phrases such as “I think…” when discussing the moments that lead up to the crash. Unfortunately, that minor statement is enough to give insurance adjusters the chance to minimize or deny your claim.

Because memory loss can have a potential impact on your claim, it’s vital to ensure you’re taking the steps immediately after an accident to protect your rights. Your statements, photos, and other evidence can play a crucial role in protecting you from insurance adjusters and their claims that you don’t remember what happened.

Brain Injuries and Memory Loss

Memory loss is a potential symptom of a worse head injury. If you suffer a brain injury, memory loss — both short and long-term — may be something you experience as a side effect of your injuries. It could mean you suffered a concussion in the crash, and you may need further treatment for your damages.

If you suffer memory loss because of a crash, make sure you hire someone to help you. The right legal team can provide insight into how you can move forward effectively.

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