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Bicycle Accidents: Showing Respect on the Road to Prevent Severe Harm

man on bicycleRespect on the road is necessary if individuals are going to stay safe. Unfortunately, not everyone keeps others in mind, always in a hurry and potentially causing injuries. It’s difficult to endure, but there are many situations in which impatience, negligence, and a lack of respect lead to bicycle accidents.

When these bicycle accidents do occur, there are numerous causes. It becomes increasingly vital for those on the bicycle to recognize the potential cause and their legal rights as an accident can lead to many catastrophic injuries.

Causes of Bicycle Accidents

While there are some situations in which bicyclists can be responsible for their harm, there are other cases in which motorists are negligent and can be the main factor behind a collision. Here are some of the most common ways bicycle accidents occur:

  • Lack of space: When drivers are operating their vehicles, it’s vital to make sure they’re giving enough room to the lanes on their sides, including bike lanes. Without space, a vehicle may clip a bicyclist, resulting in a crash.
  • Entering bike lanes too soon: As vehicles approach intersections, they may need to make a right turn. At times, this may cross a bike lane. If the driver starts to get over too soon, he or she can cause the bicyclist to crash, leading to serious harm.
  • Failing to yield: Whenever a motorist approaches a traffic light, traffic sign, or turn, they must yield as necessary. Unfortunately, they don’t always follow this law on the road, putting others at significant risk of harm.

How Can Bicyclists Stay Safe?

In many situations, bicyclists must do all they can to prevent harm. While you cannot always avoid negligence, there are certain steps and tips that can help. Here are some safety tips for bicyclists on the road:

  • Travel in groups so you are more visible.
  • Wear bright clothing and necessary safety gear.
  • Stay clear of traffic when necessary and walk your bike across intersections.

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