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Who’s Responsible in a Bus Accident?

The large size of buses makes them potentially dangerous should a crash occur. Unfortunately, there are numerous injuries that can arise from a bus accident, making it important for you to recognize the various people who can be responsible. Of course, this means recognizing potential causes.

Liability in a bus accident can fall on the bus driver, the company who hires him or her, or the company who owns the bus. It’s vital to see where these parties have responsibility and the problems that may arise when negligence is present.

The Causes of a Bus Accident

When taking legal action against a negligent party, you must show that the defendant’s actions have caused you to suffer harm. This often means negligence was the cause of the accident. Here are some of the ways negligence may arise in these situations:

  • Driver error: A bus driver is responsible for a crash in which he does something that is negligent such as drinking and driving, driving under the influence, distracted driving, and more.
  • Lack of maintenance: Whoever owns the bus or buses is responsible for their care. This means ensuring that vital components are checked, tires and tread are safe, and any necessary repairs are made. A crash occurring because of a lack of maintenance means liability falls on the bus owner.
  • Failure to ensure driver safety: Whoever hires the bus driver is responsible for ensuring that he or she is adequately trained and safe to drive. For instance, if the company fails to perform a background check to show a safe driving record, no medical history, or more, the company can be liable for all damages.

Bus accidents can be disastrous to all individuals inside the bus and any other driver or pedestrian that the bus hits.

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