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Why are Flashbacks So Damaging?

Woman Experiencing FlashbackImagine going through a traumatic experience such as a car accident. The shock and confusion in the direct aftermath are enough to cause serious panic. Unfortunately, these feelings can last for long after the car accident for those who develop post-traumatic stress as a result of the crash.

Dealing with PTSD after a car accident can be difficult and is often accompanied by flashbacks. These put the individual back in the traumatic situation, forcing them to relive the memory with the same feelings they had at the time of the collision.

Flashbacks can lead individuals to experience a plethora of emotions that can impact their everyday lives. Here are some of the non-physical effects that may be experienced as a result of an accident victim having flashbacks.

The Effect On Emotional Presence

One potential feeling associated with flashbacks occurs when the individual experiences what can be described as an out of body experience. They don’t feel like they’re in their own body and are often described as being in a trance.

The Impact On Your Ability to Drive

At times, when the trauma is so severe, it may prevent an individual who has been involved in an accident to want to drive again. Instead, they’ll look for other methods of travel to get from one destination to another.

They may not even be able to be a passenger in a vehicle simply because the fear they experience makes them believe another accident will occur. It can be difficult on the person’s ability to complete even the simplest of daily tasks as they may avoid certain situations, so they don’t relive the memories of the crash.

At the end of the day, trauma can have a significant impact on anyone’s life and it’s important for those harmed to recognize what rights they have to pursue legal action. At Lowe Law Group, we protect these rights to the best of our ability because it truly matters to our clients.

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