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The Aftermath of a Car Accident: Dealing with PTSD

Girl with TraumaThe emotional damages stemming from a car accident are often overlooked when serious physical harm is also sustained. And while physical injuries can impact a person’s life for a long time, it’s often the emotional strain that prevents individuals from doing certain things in the future.

Developing post-traumatic stress following a car accident can be something that halts individuals throughout various situations in their lives. Understanding the ways to deal with the trauma is important to helping the victim move forward.

Facing Your Trauma Head On

For some individuals, facing the triggers of the trauma head on can be very beneficial. While many avoid the feelings that come with the situation, there are others who find themselves in vulnerable times and instead face their feelings of fear and anxiety head on.

For instance, if a honking horn is a trigger, the individual may do some breathing exercises to get through the sound should it occur in the future. They may take a direct approach to therapy and expose themselves to their triggers in an effort of losing whatever reaction they may have to them.

Make Sure You Have People You Can Call

The moment PTSD hits and the feelings of fear arise, it can be easy for you to feel overwhelmed, often feeling as though you are not even in your own body. To help combat this feeling, you should have a support system of people you can call on when you have these feelings.

Reach out to people who understand what you’re going through and can talk you out of the anxiety of the situation. Your support system should know which ways can calm you down in a tense situation to help you confront the trigger in a positive manner.

At Lowe Law Group, we recognize how difficult it can be to suffer emotional trauma following a car accident. You don’t have to let this condition define you or change how you live your life. However, you may be able to take legal action should you incur costs associated with therapy, medication, and more.

Our car accident attorneys may be able to help you seek non-economic damages for any emotional pain and suffering along with the economic damages from physical injuries, medical expenses, and lost income. Trust that we’re here to help you.

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