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Can I Develop PTSD After Suffering a Car Crash?

Woman on the phone sitting at an accident scene The injuries commonly sustained in a car crash are well documented. Most people are well aware of the physical damage that individuals can sustain, but did you know that some victims suffer even more serious harm emotionally?

Post-traumatic stress is typically associated with individuals who have joined the service and return home from war. While this is most common, it’s not the only situation in which PTSD can occur. Incidents such as a car crash can also cause PTSD.

How PTSD Happens

The brain is a tricky part of the body and the way it associates the car accident with stress is enough to cause individuals to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Typically, after an accident, when someone develops PTSD, they have triggers that cause them to flashback to the event.

Triggers are little events that occur at random which the victim associates with the accident. For instance, if someone is walking on the street and a nearby car honks, the victim may associate that sound with a sound that occurred during the crash.

How PTSD Impacts Victims

It’s important to understand how PTSD impacts a victim, especially during the moments when a flashback occurs. Some individuals may not even have flashbacks all the time, but the idea of being in a similar event can prevent the person from even getting in a car again.

PTSD triggers can often result in individuals dealing with the anxiety and stress of the moment all over again. This could lead to depression, inability to complete daily tasks, or even impact how a person works.

Not many people are aware of this, but post-traumatic stress caused by a negligence-related car accident can be compensated through non-economic damages. This means the court can compensate a victim for pain and suffering that don’t have monetary value.

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