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Can I Obtain Medical and Police Records On My Own?

Far too often, individuals injured in a negligence-related incident are quick to turn down legal help thinking they can go through the process solo. Unfortunately, this also often leads to the same individuals going through a case unsuccessfully because they’re unable to get the evidence that they need to pursue a claim.

Two types of evidence that can prove to be very useful in your case are medical records and police records. These both have critical information regarding the incident, the injuries you may have sustained, and the statement both parties and witnesses give at the scene of the accident.

How These Records Can Be Helpful In Your Case

One of the tactics of the insurance company to try and limit how much compensation they have to pay is claiming your injuries are from a different incident or were pre-existing. They may also try to claim you did something that would make you at fault.

Medical records can show that you were in fact injured and it can also chalk up the cause to the negligence. Police records can be used to show statements from parties involved, statements from key witnesses, and any indicators of negligence.

Getting the Records On Your Own

While there may be some individuals and some circumstances in which you may be able to get your records on your own, do you know how to fully utilize them? Would you be able to show without any doubt that they prove the other party was not only liable, but that they caused you harm?

Getting your records and proving them to be true is our job and we do it well. We aid you in gathering all of the necessary evidence to pursue a claim against the negligent party, especially when it means seeking compensation.

Our personal injury lawyers at Lowe Law Group are here and ready to help you pursue the justice you need and deserve. Speak with our team about your rights in a free consultation and learn how we can help you obtain and use the records that can prove to be very valuable evidence.

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