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What Is a Pain Journal and How Does It Help?

The evidence that you need in a car accident case can vary and there are several options that can be used to help you. One thing that many people are not aware of, nor do they realize how helpful it can be, is a pain journal.

A pain journal can be used for multiple reasons, but at the end of the day, they are there for your benefit. Following a crash resulting in your injuries, keep a pain journal. Here’s how you can do it and how it can help you in your car accident case.

Keeping a Pain Journal

While a pain journal is not required for legal or medical reasons, it can help you report the pain you’re feeling to your doctor and lawyer. A pain journal is something you keep with you at all times, marking down any time you feel pain and the location of the page. This can help supporting your claims.

Take the pain journal with you for medical appointments and when meeting with your legal team. Your doctor can help you treat the pain while the doctor can use the pain journal and doctor’s testimony to explain the severity of the injuries you sustained.

How It Helps

A pain journal provides you with several benefits, including the following:

  • For You: It helps you identify whenever you feel pain, the severity of the pain, and what you were doing when the pain occurred. This can prevent you from doing the same actions that caused the pain to arise.
  • For Your Doctor: Centralizing the pain and giving your doctor a clear idea of the type of pain, where it was, and what you were doing can help them provide the right treatment for you.
  • For Your Lawyer: Your legal team can use the pain journal along with testimony from you and your doctor to show that injuries did in fact occur as a result of the negligence.

At Lowe Law Group, our personal injury attorneys work hard to utilize all evidence in your favor. We understand the importance of a pain journal and how it can be beneficial to your case. After a car accident caused by negligence, do all you can to protect your rights.

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