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Once I File a Case, Do I Have to Watch What I Post On Social Media?

injured person with phone on social mediaFiling a personal injury case for any victim of negligence can feel like a step in the direction of justice. You may feel as though you’re taking the right steps to hold the person responsible for your injuries fully accountable. And while you’re right in this regard, you may also feel as though that it is smooth sailing after the fact and that there’s nothing to worry about moving forward.

This can be a dangerous thought process.

One thing that can be damaging to your case is your presence on social media that discusses specifics of the matter at hand or if you post something that contradicts your claim. Here are some of the problems that may arise and things you should be careful with when posting to social media after filing an injury lawsuit.

Statements Can Be Harmful

If you discuss the specific details of your case on social media, your every word will be scrutinized. You may think it is private information, but in a personal injury case, it is not. And your words will be looked at to determine if they line up with your initial statement.

If there are any discrepancies in what you initially told the insurance companies versus what you are saying on social media, the defendant may try to turn this on you. They may try to claim that your initial claim was false and that you don’t have a case.

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

In an injury claim, you are pursuing compensation for the physical harm that you sustained. Physical harm that may have impacted your way of life, your ability to work, and other aspects that once brought you enjoyment.

If you are posting pictures that bring questions regarding the validity of the severity of your injuries, the defendant may try to use them as evidence. They’ll claim that you never really suffered an injury or that you don’t deserve to be compensated for certain aspects because the pictures show you’re not suffering.

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