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Social Media Posts Affecting Your Injury Claim?

In today's world of social media, we have the urge to share every aspect of our lives with our friends and connections. But if you are seriously hurt in an auto accident and you are trying to recover financial restitution through a personal injury claim, it is best to stay off Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Why is it important to stay off of these platforms? Because even one post could harm your case. They may contain information about you that could actually be used against you by insurance defense attorneys. Make no mistake about it, these attorneys are experienced and extremely skilled at finding your information and working to weaken your case.

For example, defense lawyers are taking screen shots of social media accounts and attempting to submit them as evidence against you during your litigation. The photos you posted, or tweets sent out, will be used to suggest you weren't hurt as bad as you may be claiming, and that you are still active and able to enjoy life while out of work.

There have already been a number of personal injury cases ruined by ill-advised social media posts. The news features a number of stories of injured parties claiming they are unable to return to work and are having difficulties walking or moving only to be seen on Facebook posts dancing at clubs and weddings.

Never assume your privacy settings keep insurance companies from seeing your information. Today's technology is filled with avenues that make anything that goes online a permanent feature that can never be deleted. Hence, it is smarter to use caution when posting on social media.

The best advice we can give when handling your personal injury case is to be truthful about your claim. Yes, life does go on after an accident, but avoid posting unsavory content to your social media platforms, especially if they could potentially affect your claim.

Finally, be sure you are seeking the assistance of qualified and experienced personal injury attorney. Aside from helping you navigate the tumults of a personal injury case, they can provide you guidance in how to handle yourself during the claims process.