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Back and Neck Injuries Have Long Lasting Effects

One of the most common injuries resulting from a car accident is back and neck pain. When it comes to back and neck pain, costs for medical treatment may not be the only costs you accumulate as a result of the injury. Consider the long-term consequences that could include financial loss, diminished productivity, and emotional injuries.

Often there are few if any external symptoms associated with a neck and back injury. In other words, you rarely experience bleeding or swelling at the site of the injury. And although you may not see the injury, the consequences can be extremely devastating.

What kind of costs and long-term consequences to those who suffer back and neck injuries experience?

Financial Damages

Neck and back pain victims require not only medical care and hospitalization, but also repetitive physical therapy and rehabilitation. These treatments, including traction, are expensive and are not always covered by health insurance. In some cases, these treatments and therapies can last for months or even years. Needless to say the bills associated with these treatments can quickly add up.

Productivity Loss

One of the common manifestations of back and neck pain is a restriction in mobility and movement. This can affect more than just one's professional life. More many, the most frustrating aspect is the increased difficulty when performing daily tasks around the house. Spouses can find themselves under pressure when victims are no longer able to do simple tasks like picking up groceries, helping with housework, looking after children, or performing other activities.

Lower Quality Life

The most dramatic impact a back and neck injury has on life is the impact on quality of life. These injuries can prevent victims from exercising, hiking, playing sports, or enjoying activities that they used to participate in prior to their injury. These challenges can dramatically reduce the quality of one's life and lead to severe emotional distress and/or depression.

If you are dealing with neck or back injury, please consult a car accident lawyer today. There are ways you can be compensated, not just for your current injuries, but for the negative effects they will have on your life that have yet to manifest.