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lights at an intersection | where do most pedestrian accidents occur?

Where Do Most Pedestrian Accidents Occur?

Far too often, negligent drivers cause harm to others because they act recklessly. Unfortunately, the victim is often a pedestrian who is legally crossing the street or simply going about their day. If you’re a pedestrian, you should know where some of the most common accident locations are so that you can stay as safe as possible.


This is the most common location for pedestrian accidents because there are many things that can go wrong. Speeding drivers, distractions, intoxication, and other negligence can cause some of the worst pedestrian accidents at intersections. Another common problem at intersections is left-hand turns. When drivers don’t pay close attention to others, they cause severe harm.

Sidewalks and Shoulders

Pedestrians can be on sidewalks and still be in danger of a pedestrian accident. In particular, a drunk driver might swerve onto the side of the road and onto the sidewalk or shoulder where pedestrians might be. Several people can suffer harm if there are multiple pedestrians in the area.

Parking Lots

Impatience is one of the more common problems that you can encounter in parking lots. An impatient driver may force their way into parking spots or from lane to lane. When this happens, they put pedestrians at risk of harm and severe injury.

After a pedestrian accident, injured parties deserve to hold negligence accountable and seek the maximum compensation available. Working with a lawyer can help people who suffer significant harm pursue the justice and compensation they deserve.

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