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Are Pedestrians Ever Liable?

Liability after a pedestrian accident is one of the most vital aspects of pursuing compensation. However, it’s crucial to know how cases can change depending on the situation and the circumstances that transpired. Here are some of the things you should know regarding liability after a pedestrian accident.

Pedestrian Responsibility

While drivers should always remain vigilant, pedestrians must also pay close attention and keep safety at the forefront of their priority list. Pedestrians that cross the street at legal crosswalks and intersections deserve protection following any injury resulting from a severe accident.

However, liability can change if the pedestrian drivers can’t see a pedestrian and bolt out of the side of the road to cross. In these situations, it can impact who can file a claim and what responsibility falls on pedestrians and drivers.

Unmarked Crosswalks and Hidden Signs

In other situations, drivers may not recognize legal crosswalks because stop or yield signs are not visible. Those responsible for ensuring signs are visible may hold liability for a pedestrian accident whenever a situation like this occurs.

No matter the situation, it’s vital to speak with a lawyer who can fully understand how liability factors into cases. If you believe you have a case against a negligent driver as a professional, working with an attorney can give you the necessary resources to understand your options. When things get complicated, you deserve to have someone on your side.

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