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Types of Watercraft Accidents

Boating accidents have a number of causes. No matter what, they can cause some of the worst injuries possible. It’s vital to recognize the different types of watercraft accidents that you can experience as a result of someone else’s negligence. Here are some of the more common types of watercraft accidents.

Collisions with Other Boats

One of the most common problems on the water is collisions with other boats. When people are either negligent or don’t know the rules on the water, they can cause some of the most severe accidents. Factoring in speed, boating accidents involving multiple ships can result in fatal injuries.

Falling Overboard

When a boat operator is unsafe or inexperienced, the passengers in the boat are also at risk of severe harm. Taking waves incorrectly, crashing into stationary items on the water, and other problems can eject passengers from the boat. With enough of an impact, the person who falls overboard can suffer some harm as a result.


Capsizing occurs when the boat overturns on the water. Many situations can cause capsizing, such as strong waves, crashing into a smaller ship, and more. Once the boat overturns, the passengers in the boat can find themselves under the watercraft.

Watercraft Defects

When the watercraft itself has a defect, it can lead to severe harm. Watercraft defects can lead to fires and explosions, unexpected sinking, and other problems. Anyone on the ship becomes at risk when there’s a boat defect.

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