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Common Injuries You Might Sustain In a Boating Accident

When a boating accident occurs, passengers are susceptible to some of the most severe injuries. It’s easy for the passengers to get ejected from the boat or to get thrown around, suffering harm in the process. Below, we will dictate some of the more catastrophic injuries a person may sustain in a boating accident.


One of the worst problems that can arise in a boating accident is the possibility of drowning. Someone who suffers a severe injury may have a hard time being able to swim or keep themselves afloat. As a result, they may take on too much water and potentially drown.

While drowning is not always fatal, it can cause long-term problems because of the lack of oxygen.

Broken Bones

As passengers get thrown around the boat, they can suffer broken bones. The impact of the crash can cause broken arms or legs. In many situations, broken bones can be severe as the bone breaks through the skin. Bones may not heal correctly, and the result is long-term pain and suffering.

Head Trauma

It’s easy for individuals to hit their heads when they’re moving around a boat after a collision. If this happens, you can experience long-term symptoms, including memory loss, blurry vision, and coordination issues. It’s possible for head trauma to cause severe symptoms, including seizures or coma.

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