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How Dangerous Is Fatigued Driving?

We know how dangerous specific actions are on the road. While several studies have attributed around 2-3% of accidents to tired driving, newer stats show that it’s closer to 8-9% of crashes. As a driver, it helps to know how to recognize fatigued driving and what you can do to stay safe around a tired driver.

Fatigued Driving Stats

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, nearly 700 deaths occurred in 2019 due to drowsy driving. Most of the crashes that occur are between the hours of midnight and 6:00 A.M. or later in the afternoon when individuals are getting out of work. Tens of thousands of crashes each year involve drowsy drivers.

What to Watch For

Many drivers who are too tired often exhibit some of the same signs as drunk drivers. They tend to fall asleep at the wheel or lose focus. Fatigue can significantly impact a person’s cognitive abilities, vision, balance, coordination, and more.

Fatigued drivers are more likely to swerve into other lanes, stop unexpectedly, or speed up randomly. A tired driver can cause some of the most severe damage. If you notice a driver who appears to be tired, be sure to stay clear.

Staying Alert Behind the Wheel

Never drive if you feel tired. Here are some ways to drive alert that everyone should utilize:

  • Make sure you get enough sleep on a regular basis.
  • Don’t take long trips if you haven’t had a good amount of sleep.
  • Avoid consuming any alcohol, drugs, or prescriptions that result in drowsiness.
  • Consider what time you start driving, and avoid being out on the road late at night.

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