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Preventing Pedestrian Accidents

Negligence causes severe harm in many different situations. And you can’t always predict how someone will react on the road. However, you can take specific precautions to keep yourself free of harm as a pedestrian. Here are some of the different ways you can prevent a pedestrian accident and avoid the severe harm often associated with these collisions.

Paying Close Attention to Vehicles

Whether you’re on a sidewalk or crossing the street, it always helps to watch for vehicles and see how drivers are operating. Check your surroundings and look for signs of potential negligence as you are walking. Look for drivers who may be swerving. If you see a driver speeding, don’t cross the street until they have passed.

Crossing the Street Where Legal

You should always cross the street where it’s legal to do so, which means intersections and marked crosswalks. If you cross unexpectedly, you cannot expect that drivers will be aware of you. Also, when you cross at a legal part of the street, it’s typically more lighted. As a result, you are visible to other drivers.

Avoiding Headphones and Cell Phone Use

When you cross the street, you need to ensure you are being completely vigilant. You can hear and see signs of negligence, so you should ensure that you put your phone away and avoid using headphones. If you’re using your phone or headphones, you might not be able to see a problem as it’s approaching. You won’t be able to react accordingly to keep yourself safe.

Our pedestrian accident attorneys at Lowe Law Group aim to protect you if you suffer an injury. Because you can’t always predict how drivers may act, you need to do everything you can to stay safe. And if you do suffer a severe injury, our goal is to pursue maximum compensation on your behalf. We’ll be by your side every step of the way.

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