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Who Pays Compensation for a Wrongful Death Case?

When you lose a loved one because of negligence, it’s vital to seek compensation. As such, you should know who you may recover from and how to move forward. Before you move forward, know that the party responsible for compensation is dependent on the accident that caused the wrongful death. Here are some of the ways to obtain compensation after a wrongful death.

Auto Insurance Providers

If a car accident is the cause of fatal injuries, the eligible parties may pursue compensation from the auto insurance provider. In at-fault states, it’s the negligent party’s insurance provider who is responsible for paying compensation. In no-fault states, there may be complications that you need to navigate, and having a lawyer on your side from the very beginning is beneficial.

Homeowner’s or Renter’s Insurance

If the accident occurs because of premises liability, you may have to go through homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. For instance, if your loved one suffers fatal injuries in a slip and fall accident at someone’s home, the homeowner’s insurance company may be liable for compensation.

If the fatal injury occurs at a place of business, it’s vital to speak with a lawyer because corporations often work hard to protect their bottom line.

Medical Facilities

Some wrongful death cases occur because of medical negligence. In these cases, the medical professional or medical facility may be responsible for compensation. A lawyer can help navigate a wrongful death claim against a medical professional because it can become complex and potentially contentious.

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