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Emotional Trauma After a Wrongful Death

In most personal injury cases, the injured party must deal with the physical hardships that arise because of their damage and the emotional toll. However, wrongful death can impact an entire family when it comes to emotional trauma.

Unfortunately, emotional distress can change your entire life. Few things are more challenging than losing someone you love to negligence, and it’s vital to understand your rights moving forward. Below, we’ll detail how emotional trauma can impact you after wrongful death and if you can pursue compensation.

Impact of Emotional Distress

We know that trauma can leave people thinking about what they’ve experienced or lost. Wrongful death cases often involve people losing their husbands, wives, children, and other very important people. As a result, emotional distress can result in the following effects:

  • Loneliness
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

In wrongful death cases, emotional distress can help people pursue compensation for loss of consortium, companionship, and love. For surviving children, they may experience loss of guidance, losing out on some of the most important memories they can imagine, such as huge milestones.

Surviving parents can also seek damages for emotional trauma. They have children to build memories, provide guidance, and develop strong relationships; losing a child can cause depression and ongoing emotional pain.

Wrongful death cases can be complex. Proving non-economic damages such as emotional trauma is not something easily done on your own. It helps to have solid legal counsel pursuing the most favorable outcome possible.

At Lowe Law Group, we work to obtain the maximum compensation our clients deserve. Trust that our wrongful death lawyers will be your guides through the entire process. We’ll safeguard your rights every step of the way. Over the years, we have helped our clients get through challenging and vulnerable situations, handling legal matters so that our clients can grieve as they deserve.

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