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Does an Insurance Company Cover All Losses?

When you deal with insurance companies after a car accident, you can encounter some of the most challenging situations. After all, you rely on these large companies to pay out compensation for your injuries, property damage, lost income, and more when someone else causes your crash to occur.

In this difficult time, you need to know what losses insurance companies cover and what they don’t. The losses may change based on your policy, but your needs may remain the same. In these situations, it’s best to have someone on your side who has experience handling matters with insurance adjusters and the companies they represent.

What Does Your Policy Say?

Whether you’ve been in an accident or not, you should make sure you have a clear understanding of what’s in your policy. The process after a car accident varies from state to state, and there are times when you may have to go through your own insurance provider to obtain compensation. In this case, you’ll need to know what’s covered.

When you file a claim against someone else and their insurance company, you want to obtain the other driver’s insurance company and policy number. You may not know what the other driver’s insurance company covers, but your insurance provider and your legal team can work to determine what compensation you can recover.

What Happens When Insurance Companies Don’t Cover Your Losses?

Unfortunately, insurance companies are quick to try and deny claims because it’s not in their best interests to pay out maximum compensation. Because of this, you want to hire legal counsel that protects you from insurance companies and their tactics.

Insurance companies may try to claim that policies don’t cover specific damages—such as pain and suffering—but that doesn’t mean you can’t recover for these losses. It’s best to speak with an attorney who can fully explain what options you have to obtain the most compensation possible.

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