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insurance adjuster taking photos of damage after a car crash

What Don’t I Tell Insurance Adjusters After a Crash?

It’s never easy to speak with an insurance adjuster when you’re dealing with your own hardships, but it’s a necessary step to obtain compensation. However, you should understand what to avoid saying when dealing with an insurance company. Here are a few things to avoid in discussions with insurance adjusters.

Your Apologies

Don’t tell insurance adjusters that you are sorry for the accident. Saying you’re sorry can put you at fault for the accident, and you can find yourself facing challenges with insurance adjusters who want to minimize or deny your claim and the compensation you may recover.

Uncertain Statements

You may feel as though the term “I think” is innocent enough to say, but it’s something that insurance adjusters may try to use against you. They may claim that your memory of the accident is in question because you’re not sure of what happened, and you’re making statements that are questionable and unsure.

Too Much Information

Limit what you tell insurance adjusters. You don’t want to risk saying something that they will try to use against you. Instead, tell them only what they need to know for your case, and don’t give them a chance to deny your claim.

Keep in mind, the things you do and say when dealing with insurance adjusters can significantly impact your claim. The more you deal with them on your own, the more chances you give them to take advantage of your rights and deny your claim. Even when an insurance company requests you to provide them with a recorded statement, you should have strong legal counsel on your side.

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