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man taking photos of an accident after a crash

The Photos to Take After a Crash

We know that in a car accident, obtaining evidence is crucial. What you do after a crash goes a long way in helping you pursue the compensation you deserve when someone else causes you harm. Photos often tell a story with the help of accident reconstructionists.

After a crash, use your cell phone and take pictures of your accident. Here are some of the most important photos you can take.

Photos Showing Your Accident Scene

Take pictures that show the area around your crash. At times, you may be able to show how negligence played a role in your crash. For instance, you can take photos that show:

  • Tire marks indicating one driver slamming on their brakes
  • Missing traffic signals or two-way stop signs
  • Weather conditions that could have impacted your crash

The more you can show at the accident scene, the clearer a picture you can paint for insurance adjusters and your legal team.

Photos Showing the Damage All Vehicles Sustain

You want to show how much damage you sustained, including the damage your vehicle takes. However, showing all vehicles’ locations and where damage occurred helps to show who may have hit who. Accident reconstructionists can look at these photos along with photos of your accident scene to help determine potential liability.

Photos Showing Your Visible Injuries

Take photos of your injuries, as well as those your passengers and other parties may sustain. Visible injuries can include broken bones, lacerations, bruises, and more. When you show your injuries at the accident scene, it becomes more difficult for insurance adjusters to claim that you did not suffer harm because of the crash.

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