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How Long Will My Accident Case Take?

After a car accident, getting compensation is vital. As such, you may hope that your case can be resolved as quickly as possible so you can move forward. While this is always a high priority, there are certain things that can prolong the length of a case.

It’s critical for you to understand the process fully as you go through it and prepare for what comes next. Here are some of the things that can impact your claim or lawsuit and make it last much longer than you want or expect it to.

Prolonged Investigation

Insurance companies are responsible for providing a thorough investigation of the crash to determine liability. Unfortunately, one of the ways they make it difficult for you to endure the process is by delaying the investigation and making it longer for you to get compensation.

Back-and-Forth Settlement Offers

Insurance companies would rather settle with you than go to trial. As such, they’ll offer you a settlement, even if it’s not enough to cover the damages you have sustained. When you fight back for a better offer, they may offer yet another settlement and it still may not be enough to cover damages.

The more they can do this and push back and forth, the longer you are going to wait.

Why an Insurance Company Makes You Wait

Unfortunately, insurance companies have a lot of focus on profits, even when a viable claim is brought forth. They may try to deny your claim in hopes that you become dependent enough on money to accept whatever settlement they offer. This is something that saves the insurance company money.

A low settlement is a tactic that means you get much less than you deserve, so it’s best to speak with a lawyer to determine how long a case may take and what your rights are during the process.

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