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2 Ways to Win a Motor Vehicle Accident Case

In any matter where someone is negligent and causes you harm, there are various outlets you may consider pursuing compensation for your damages. Of course, the laws vary by state. Before you move forward, it’s vital to speak with an attorney to determine what options you have. In most situations, there are two ways to win compensation in a car accident case.

1. Through a Settlement

Whether your state is no-fault or fault-based, you’re going to be dealing with an insurance company at some point. In these situations, you may receive a settlement offer from the insurance company with which you are working. There are a few very important things you should know about settlements and what they mean for your claim:

  • Settlement offers are designed to pay out compensation from the insurance company, but they may not match the amount that you need to cover your damages.
  • Once you sign and accept the settlement offer, you may forfeit your ability to pursue further compensation through a lawsuit.
  • You don’t have to accept the settlement offer as final. A lawyer can help you understand if you’re entitled to more and what you can do.

2. Through a Lawsuit

If a claim is unsuccessful because it is wrongfully denied or because the insurance company is offering you a much lower settlement, you may need to file a lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit allows you to go through the process of showing evidence, proving liability, and telling your side of the story to a jury in hopes of a favorable verdict.

Keep in mind, you may still receive settlement offers from an insurance company during this time period. It’s best to have legal counsel on your side to help make decisions that best suit your needs and to determine what rights you have to more compensation.

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