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What Constitutes Distracted Driving?

One of the most dangerous factors on the road is a distracted driver. Far too often, drivers think they can multitask, taking action that causes devastating harm on the road. While many people recognize the dangers of distracted driving, countless individuals admit to doing something that causes them distractions on the road.

If you’re involved in an accident that was the result of someone else’s distractions, it’s important to recognize the cause. Here are some of the main types of distractions you may encounter.

Manual Distractions

When someone takes at least one of his or her hands off the steering wheel, it is considered a manual distraction. A manual distraction can make it difficult for someone who loses control of his or her vehicle, and one hand on the steering wheel is not enough to regain control.

Manual distractions can include texting, messing with the radio, or reaching for an item somewhere in the vehicle.

Visual Distractions

When someone looks away from the road, this is a visual distraction, which can be one of the most dangerous actions. A driver who takes his or her eyes off the road can take more than 10 seconds to refocus on the road, and in that time, a severe crash can occur.

Looking at a GPS system, cellphone, passenger, or radio can constitute a visual distraction.

Cognitive Distractions

When cognitive distractions arise, it can cause a driver to lose his or her focus on the task at hand. Cognitive distractions can include listening to loud music, having conversations with others, or even highway hypnosis stemming from fatigue.

Texting and driving is one of the biggest problems on the road because it involves all three types of distractions. In these situations, texting and driving can lead to some of the most severe collisions, and you can suffer catastrophic harm if you’re involved in a car accident.

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