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Trucking Accident

The Dangers of a Large Trucking Accident

large truck on a highwayThere are countless large commercial vehicles on the road; trucks that are essential in providing goods across the country. While these vehicles are important to the economy, they also pose potential risks to all other drivers and the drivers in the trucks themselves.

If you’re involved in an accident involving a large commercial truck, you need to recognize the dangers that may have caused the injuries you sustain. We’ll explain the regulations in the industry and how violations of these regulations can result in significant harm.

What the Regulations Say

The trucking industry has regulations designed to keep people on the road safe. This includes laws concerning how long a driver can work/drive, the weight of the truck, the requirements for maintenance, and much more.

The Hours of Service regulations work to prevent fatigued driving by limiting the number of hours a driver can spend on the road. The weight limit for a large commercial truck is set at 80,000 pounds to prevent trucks from overturning. And of course, maintenance must be performed to ensure the trucks don’t have any defects which can lead to a significant crash.

Why These Crashes are So Dangerous

Large commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, but even without cargo, these vehicles are much larger than others on the road. They also travel at higher speeds on the highways, meaning that when a crash occurs, the outcome can be devastating.

Unfortunately, truck drivers and trucking companies are often negligent, leaving individuals on the road to suffer pain and more. In these cases, it’s important to recognize where drivers may be negligent, the company is responsible, or there are others within the industry—such as those who load the cargo—can be held liable for injuries in a truck accident.

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