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What Tactics May the Insurance Company Use to Deny a Claim?

man talking with insurance company after a car crashThe insurance company is not always honest and they’re often looking to deny claims whenever possible. Unfortunately for many claimants, they’ll try to use different tactics that have worked on other accident victims before.

Knowing these tactics can help individuals recognize their rights whenever issues arise. Trust that our team can work with you and counter these tactics so you can still pursue the compensation you rightfully deserve throughout the process.

The Different Tactics Used By Insurance Companies:

  • Recorded statements: The insurance company may request you provide a recorded statement in the days following the accident. While you may assume this is to help you, the insurance company is often trying to get you to say something they can use against you. It’s imperative to have a lawyer present when providing any statements.
  • Liability: Liability is often the biggest question mark in a car accident and proving fault requires extensive understanding of the factors involved. However, when the insurance company tries to make you out to be the liable party to avoid paying out compensation, you need to know what rights you have to legal counsel.
  • Coverage: The insurance company tries to utilize the lack of knowledge regarding policies to claim that your injuries or property damage should not be covered. However, you can have a legal representative look into all aspects to determine what rights you truly have.
  • Settlement: While a settlement offer isn’t denying a claim, they often use this to pay out as little as possible. Insurance companies are hoping that the injured parties are in difficult situations and the vulnerable state would allow for them to pay the settlement and end the case. You should speak with an attorney before accepting anything.

Our car accident lawyers understand the tactics of the insurance company and want to work with you to help you avoid being taken advantage of during this time. We’ll help you protect your rights from these underhanded tactics and build a case strategy focused on your well-being.

You can count on us at Lowe Law Group to be the team you need during every step of the phase. Let us be your advocates when you need us most.

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