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Ask a Lawyer Part 1: What are Contingency Fees?

Man in Suit with Legal ScalesIn part one of our Ask a Lawyer series, we discuss contingency fees with our personal injury attorneys. Learn more about how these work, why our team works on this format, and how injured individuals benefit from them.

How Do Contingency Fees Work?

In a personal injury case you are often the victim of someone else’s actions. You did nothing wrong and yet you go through a lot of pain and suffering.

Whether its ongoing pain, medical bills, sleepless nights or working with insurance companies the processes after the accident can be confusing, frustrating and often overwhelming. Our work lifts this burden from you not only in what we do as attorneys but how do it.

We work on a “contingency” basis. Contingency means that we do not get paid until you do. Importantly, you will never owe us anything without an ability to pay because we don’t get paid unless and until you do.

Why Does Lowe Law Group Operate On Contingency Fees? How Do They Benefit Injured People?

I recently spoke with a client who was told, by another attorney, he would need $3,000 to start looking at her case and he would bill her $200 an hour. This client had been rear ended by another car and was dealing with her own medical expenses.

She was the victim of someone else’s bad actions and that was just getting worse by having to pay another attorney $3,000 as she tried to fight for what was right. Because of how we structure how we get paid we eliminate any worry that you must pay an attorney to start work on your case.

We will not make you a victim again. Rather, our payment comes only when we recover for you. You can have greater peace of mind knowing that we are truly advocating for you and putting you in a better position from the very moment we start working on your case.

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