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Uber's Popularity Creating New Legal Issues

Recently the company Uber has been atop many headlines. While many of the issues surrounding Uber revolve around business legality, an often overlooked and just as concerning issue is the company’s liability insurance coverage.

The company has been targeted for failing to assure adequate liability insurance coverage on a consistent basis. Failing to do so has put more than just the Uber passenger at risk. It puts pedestrians and occupants in other vehicles at risk too.

Licensing and Inspections

Drivers for Uber are not held to the same standards of licensing and inspection as traditional transport services like taxis and limousines. Despite many cities taking strides to enforce laws restricting rideshare services, Uber continues to grow in popularity. Attorneys are concerned that their failure to require exceptional licensure and inspections will open the door for multiple personal injury cases.

Lack of Liability?

Uber drivers have also been in the limelight for their liabilities as of late. Their drivers have been linked to assaults, rapes and kidnappings. In San Francisco, a 6-year-old girl killed was killed by a driver working for Uber. The company has continually denied any responsibility for these issues. Again, this lack of institutional control makes the company vulnerable to a variety of legal issues.

Uber in the Eyes of a Personal Injury Attorney

Many personal injury attorneys have been stressing to the public that Uber’s services must be fully understood before participating. Their fear is that people do not fully understand what they are getting into when they get into an Uber car. An attorney representing the 6-year-old girl who was struck and killed went as far as to say, “They’re giving Uber a free pass – up to death.”

Uber’s rapid success has created a number of opportunities. With these opportunities come numerous challenges that weren’t previously existent. From a legal standpoint this concerns many as any company is subject to the rules and responsibilities for safety and welfare of their customers.