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Communicating With Your Lawyer

Let’s face it, no one is ever excited to talk to lawyers. Be that as it may, everyone will end up speaking with a lawyer at some point or another in their lifetime. Whether for good or for bad, the majority of us will be consulting an attorney at some point.

Effectively communicating with your lawyer is critical to making the legal process much simpler. It also helps in eliminating many frustrations that may arise between your attorney and you as your legal experience runs its course. Here are a few tips to make speaking with your lawyer easier.

Organize Yourself.

Lawyers may have an in-depth knowledge of the law and its proceedings, but much of their knowledge becomes more effective when they have a comprehensive understanding of your situation. For example, if you are involved in a traffic accident, make sure you write down everything that took place. Do so in chronological order and ensure you obtain a contact list of witnesses and others involved with the accident. Dumping a load of random information on your attorney’s desk won’t make the legal process any easier, and it could cost you.

Details, Details, Details.

To us, the time of day may seem like a frivolous detail, but to an attorney, and in the eyes of the law, every detail matters. Remember, every variable has the potential to help your case. Attorneys aren’t able to follow your every move, so it is your responsibility to provide the details necessary to create a clear and concise picture. Every detail has its place in your case, so ensure you don’t overlook things that may not seem significant to you. Let your attorney wade through what is and isn’t significant.

Keep Them In the Loop.

Things change, and sometimes quite rapidly. When things do change, it is essential that you let your attorney know. Remember the importance of details? Well, every change or development is yet another detail that could impact your pending case, for better or worse. Some legal situations may take longer than others to settle, thus changes or developments could have a bigger impact on your case than others.

The biggest takeaway is that you don’t have to go through the legal process yourself. Your attorney is there right beside you. To help your case and ease the stresses that are associated with the legal process, be sure to communicate with your lawyer. Use these tips to help reduce the common pitfalls of lawyer-client relationships.