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Witness Statements and Your Injury Claims

Car accident claims or lawsuits often hinge on the injured party’s ability to provide supportive evidence that corroborate their injuries or property damage. Along with providing evidence of their injuries or property damage, the injured party must also prove they were not at fault. Witness statements are a great way for the injure party to provide this information.

Compensation awards can be reduced or completely eliminated if the injured party is found to have played a role in the accident. Witness recounts of the accident are a means for the party to prove their innocence and clear any responsibility for the accident. They are able to provide insights as to the positioning of the vehicles involved, the speeds and directions they were taking, etc. All of which are imperative to determining compensation amounts in car accident claims.

Other uses for witness statements include supporting injury claims. Based on eyewitness accounts of the accident, the courts and insurance companies will be able to ascertain whether the claimed injuries could have been caused by the accident. They will also review whether the severity of the pain claimed is supported through a variety of witness statements from those around the injured party after their accident.

Obviously there are good and bad witnesses and it takes watching just one episode of Law & Order to spot the difference. Witness credibility goes a long way in the support of your claims. Insurance adjusters and juries are likely to think that the parties are selecting biased witnesses because they have a stake in the result.

Establishing the credibility of your witness, or their trustworthiness, is as vital as their testimony. If witness’s are simply not credible, the content of their testimony matters very little. You don’t want yourself or your claims to be associated with an unbelievable witness as it very well could jeopardize your whole claim.

At the end of the day, if you are involved in a car accident case, especially one that includes injuries, it is best to seek legal assistance. Not only will accident attorneys help handle your claim, they will be able to identify potential witnesses and utilize their accounts in your efforts to obtain compensation for your damages.