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3 Auto-Accident Myths Debunked

Auto accidents are one of the most frustrating experiences you may come across during your life. They often happen at the worst possible times and can cause injuries or deaths that greatly change the course of your life.

Getting into an accident can be extremely confusing. A number of myths lead to the confusion that surrounds an auto accident. Here are three of the most common myths and while many believe them to be true, we’ll present facts to the contrary.

1. All My Expenses Will Be Paid

Many believe that if they are not the at-fault party of an accident, they will be the beneficiary of getting their expenses covered. Sadly, just because you weren’t the cause of the accident, that does not mean you will have their insurance company covering all of your expenses.

Yes, there is a good chance you will get some compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance company. The exact amount you receive can only be determined by a judge. Medical expenses and the costs of repair will likely be covered, but other accident-related expenses, including attorney fees, are often not returned.

2. I Should Not Go To The Hospital

Many people involved in an accident try not to go to the hospital if they feel it’s not necessary. Whether they feel the injuries are not serious enough to warrant a trip to the ER, or they are afraid of the costs of an ER visit, they opt not to go to the hospital.

Choosing to do so is one of the worst things you can do for your case. There is no way to prove your injuries if you do not go to the hospital and see a doctor. Though your medical bills may be high, often times the other party’s insurance company will cover them if their party is at-fault. Ultimately, by choosing not to go to the hospital, you are admitting you were uninjured during the accident.

3. Any Lawyer Can Handle The Case

Perhaps the biggest mistake someone involved in an auto accident can make is appointing the wrong type of legal representation. Like physicians, lawyers specialize in certain scopes of the law. Remembering that, if you want be awarded the most money possible, it is a good idea to have an extremely qualified personal injury attorney on your side.

Personal injury laws are constantly changing in each state, and you will want a lawyer that handles these types of cases on a daily basis. If you are familiar with a lawyer, but he or she does not practice actively in personal injury, it would be in your best interest to find an attorney who does.