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8 Very Important Factors After a Car Accident

8 Very Important Factors After a Car Accident

After an accident occurs, it is important to remain vigilant and know what steps must be taken. Taking the wrong steps could dramatically alter the outcome of the event and could even be illegal. Remember - what you do after an accident matters, and recognizing some of the most important factors can help you through the process. Below, we’ll detail eight very important factors to know.

Insurance Claims Often Consider Policy Limits

Car crashes can be very unnerving and the resulting damage to vehicles, property, and even people is always heartbreaking. While it's impossible to turn back the clock, when a crash does happen, one of the first considerations is insurance claims. Most auto policies have limits as to how much can be claimed from accident-related damages.

This means that after a crash occurs, claimants should familiarize themselves with their coverage limit so they know what to expect from the insurance company once a claim has been made. In some cases, policy limits may be exceeded depending on the severity of the crash, however this would need to be discussed directly between the claimant and their insurer.

It is important for individuals to understand the seriousness of car accidents in order to adequately prepare for any potential financial impacts.

There are Four Factors of Determining Liability

When someone is involved in a crash, determining liability can be a challenging task. Liability must be established to determine fault and who is responsible for paying any damages that may need to be incurred. To help with this process, there are four primary factors used to determine liability in a crash.

These include whether the motorist had a duty of care toward other drivers, if they breached that duty of care, if the breach caused specific losses, and if those losses were foreseeable from the breach. Utilizing these factors and other evidence, it is possible to accurately assign responsibility for the crash so the responsible party is held accountable and justice is served.

Insurance Companies Often Use Tactics to Save Money

It is no secret that insurance companies will often use tactics to ensure they save money when a car crash occurs. They use automated systems and highly trained personnel to assess their potential liability, collect evidence, and challenge the extent of an individual's claim.

For example, insurance companies may attempt to argue that a bodily injury is within normal range and not severe enough for the person to need additional medical services. Ultimately, it is important for those involved in car crashes to be aware of these practices from insurance companies so that they can pursue the resolution that works best for them.

Social Media Can Impact a Crash Claim

Social media can have an significant impact on crash claims, both positively and negatively. It is important to be aware of this when filing a crash claim as it may help strengthen, or weaken, the case. If applicable evidence or relevant parties involved in the claim are accessible via social media profiles, these should be explored as potential sources of information that can positively affect your case's outcome.

If photos or videos related to the accident appear on social media sites during Court proceedings, they may also become relevant to the case. To ensure you get the best outcome possible, it is wise to monitor social media outlets and remain informed of any evidence that could potentially influence your claim's results.

Discussions with Your Doctor After a Crash Can Impact Your Claim

After experiencing a crash, it is important to have honest and open discussions with your doctor. Even if the injury seems minor, consulting a doctor can ensure that all injuries are properly diagnosed. Consulting a doctor can also strengthen the value of your claim by helping to document damage related to the incident and provide an accurate report of any medical treatments needed.

Additionally, medical records from visits with your physician are helpful in determining future medical costs associated with the accident and any potential long-term effects of physical or mental trauma caused by it.

Taking the time for regular appointments with a healthcare provider after an accident can not only help you determine how best to seek compensation for damages, but could also provide lasting benefits for your own health and wellbeing.

Some Car Accident Cases May Include Punitive Damages

A car accident can bring a lot of heartache and financial strain to victims, but punitive damages may be available to victims in certain cases. Punitive damages are additional monetary awards intended to punish the defendant for their particularly extreme negligence or intentional misconduct.

When they are awarded, they are supposed to help deter defendants from similar acts in the future. These types of damages are only declared if the conduct that caused the accident was especially irresponsible or malicious and there is a clear violation of one’s duty of care.

Your Statements and Actions Can Change Your Car Accident Claim

After a car accident, making sure to properly represent and advocate for yourself is hugely important. Not only are the physical repercussions from a car accident often hard enough to deal with, but when it comes time to seek restitution and reparation for the damages - both financial or otherwise - that you may have incurred, your actions can be key in determining the eventual outcome of your claim.

It is essential that one is aware of all communications they have with any insurance companies in determining coverage, as well as word choice during these interactions and in constructing statements related to events surrounding the car accident.

It’s Best to Have a Lawyer Deal with Insurance Adjusters

After an unfortunate car accident, dealing with insurance adjusters can become an arduous process. While attempting to negotiate a resolution on your own can seem straightforward, without proper legal guidance the experience could quickly become overwhelming and unpredictable. Additionally, knowing one’s rights along with interpreting the relevant statutes can be complicated and above the average person’s knowledgebase.

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