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3 Ways Insurance Companies Use Social Media Against You

3 Ways Insurance Companies Use Social Media Against You

Insurance companies are always on the lookout for any and all opportunities to benefit their business and their customers. Unfortunately, this sometimes means taking advantage of you through the use of social media. Insurance companies use social media in three main ways to get the upper hand with customers.

It is important to think carefully before posting anything online and be aware of how insurance companies can use your activity against you.

Adjusters Will Use Pictures You Post to Deny Injuries

Adjusters will use pictures you post on social media to deny your injuries. This can prove detrimental to accident victims, as they could unintentionally provide evidence that they are not suffering from the extent of their injury. As such, it is important to be mindful of what is posted online following an accident, especially by those who file a personal injury claim.

Additionally, if pictures are taken of an injured individual throughout the course of recovery, it might be wise to consider that these photos will become evidence during the claims and litigation process, and should avoiding depicting any misleading activity or physical condition.

Adjusters Will Use Status Updates to Combat Your Story

As an insurance claimant, it is important to be aware that adjusters can use status updates on social media to question the veracity of your claims. Updates about activities mutually exclusive from your situation will lend doubt as to how serious the situation might be; conversely, lack of updates despite a seemingly troublesome or difficult situation could cast similar doubt on the validity of your claim.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider how public status updates may be used against you and weigh the associated risks when deciding whether or not you choose to post personal information online.

Adjusters Will Use Past Posts to Show Pre-Existing Conditions

As a result of new technology, adjusters are increasingly relying on social media to investigate insurance claims related to pre-existing conditions. In the past, individuals submitting claims had the burden of providing reliable evidence for disputes or appeals. Now, using an advanced system of algorithms and analytic methods, adjusters can more easily access an individual's online posts from months or even years ago.

This could be beneficial for both the insurer and the complainant as it provides a secure platform for resolution and minimizes delays in cases with especially complicated details. Despite potential privacy concerns, this is yet another example of how technology is changing the way insurers handle claims and redefine customer service.

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