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What If a Driver Tries to Settle Without Insurance?

What If a Driver Tries to Settle Without Insurance?

If a driver is involved in a crash and attempts to settle the matter without insurance, they may face serious consequences. Depending on the state, there can be fines or even jail time for attempting to circumvent insurance regulations.

Additionally, if the driver lacks the funds to take care of any damages or injury-related costs resulting from the crash, they could be left on the hook for bills that accumulate over time. The best course of action after a crash is always to consult with an attorney who specializes in insurance law and determine any legal recourse that is necessary to resolve the issue.

Why Would a Driver Want to Pay Cash for Damages After a Crash?

Paying cash for damages after a crash can be beneficial to drivers in many ways. Most notably, consenting to pay cash reduces disputes, negotiations and ultimately the time it takes to finalize a claim. It also eliminates the burden of needlessly filing insurance claims that are generally unnecessary for small incidents.

Furthermore, it is typically more cost effective than completing an insurance claim as a driver must pay out of pocket fees such as deductibles and administrative costs. Although there may be possible pitfalls in paying cash, overall most drivers would find it beneficial by avoiding more costly means of resolving post-crash damages.

Why You Should Never Settle Without Insurance Following a Crash

After a vehicle crash you may feel like you want to settle as soon as possible to avoid any further dental, medical and repair costs. However, while settling may seem like the most attractive option, steer clear of accepting the initial offer made by an insurance company without consulting with a lawyer.

There is no guarantee that the offer given covers all of your damages such as medical bills or lost wages due to time off work. A lawyer can negotiate on your behalf to seek fair and just compensation for the crash-related expenses, which will be greatly beneficial in the long run.

Take the necessary steps following an accident by speaking with a lawyer before signing anything from an insurance provider and never settle without insurance!

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