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Top 10 Causes of Delivery Truck Accidents

As we get closer to the holiday season, we start to see more delivery trucks on the road. While these are very helpful vehicles, there are also some potential dangers associated with these types of vehicles that you need to know about as a driver. When negligence arises, it can result in some of the worst injuries, especially when you consider the size of these large delivery trucks.

At Lowe Law Group, we aim to protect people who suffer harm because of negligence. It’s clear to us that certain individuals can be held accountable for their actions when they cause long-term and significant harm.

Here are ten of the most common causes of delivery truck accidents:

  1. Sudden turns
  2. Not using the emergency parking brake
  3. Uneven or unsecured loads
  4. Sudden stops
  5. Defective parts
  6. Distractions
  7. Inadequate training
  8. Fatigue
  9. Safety violations
  10. Inadequate supervision

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Sudden Turns

Delivery truck drivers don’t always know their routes, so they rely on GPS to get where they need to go. It could mean that truck drivers make more sudden turns while they’re delivering. They approach the streets without knowing that they have to turn, and they slam on the brake to turn in time.

When this happens, any vehicle behind the delivery truck can potentially suffer a crash. The delivery truck driver may not even use their turn signal, which gives drivers around the truck no indication of their intentions, creating another potential danger.

Not Using the Emergency Parking Brake

When a delivery truck driver stops at their destination, they should consider the type of road they’re on. In some cases, the truck may be stopped on a slope, which means the truck driver should engage the emergency parking brake to keep the vehicle stationary.

If the driver doesn’t use the parking brake, a problem can cause the truck to start rolling without the driver at the wheel. The result is often a severe crash involving any vehicle near the truck, including those in front of or behind the truck.

Uneven or Unsecured Loads

Delivery trucks, much like large commercial trucks, must ensure they meet weight restrictions and have even and secure cargo. Unfortunately, not every company takes the time to do this. Some delivery companies and their employees fail to secure cargo which could lead to a severe crash.

Sudden Stops

Delivery trucks stop often, and not everyone is prepared for it to happen. If the stop is sudden, it could lead to the vehicle behind the delivery truck crashing into them. And while many people look at rear-end accidents as placing liability on the driver in the back, the sudden stop can potentially impact who is at fault.

Defective Parts

Like any other vehicle on the road, it’s entirely possible for delivery trucks to have a defective product that may prevent it from stopping or turning correctly. A defective product can result in a severe crash with anyone near the delivery truck. Defective products are far too common when it comes to vehicles.

Manufacturers of defective products and the trucking company can be held accountable when a product causes a crash. The delivery company that owns the truck must also perform maintenance to identify a defect and fix it, making them potentially accountable for damages.


Delivery truck drivers may often be distracted as they look for their next stops or use specific resources to determine where they’re going next. Of course, they may also use their phone and text when they should be focused solely on driving.

A distraction can cause anyone to crash. When it comes to delivery truck drivers, it could be even more dangerous because there’s an increased risk of a greater impact.

Inadequate Training

If the delivery company does not provide training for drivers and other employees, it can often lead to crashes. For some, this means making sure that employees know how to load the truck properly. For drivers, this means addressing sudden stops. In any case, it’s crucial for companies to provide training where possible!


As we get closer to the holidays, it could mean longer hours for delivery drivers. The longer the delivery drivers work, the more likely they are to be fatigued. Unfortunately, fatigued driving can be just as dangerous as drunk or distracted driving.

Safety Violations

There are several safety regulations in place in the delivery industry that companies must follow. The goal is to minimize the risk of an accident either on the job or behind the wheel. These regulations prevent drivers from working so many hours and require them to have break periods before driving. Unfortunately, when someone violates safety regulations, it puts everyone at risk.

Inadequate Supervision

The right supervision can ensure that everyone is doing their job as it should be done. Without proper supervision, there’s always the chance that mistakes can arise, putting several others on the road in harm’s way. It’s negligent for a supervisor to ignore problems.

If you suffer injuries in a delivery truck accident, know that you have the right to pursue compensation. Working with the right legal team can help you with the results you need.

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