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delivery person on the phone grabbing packages | Driving Safely Near a Delivery Truck

Driving Safely Near a Delivery Truck

Delivery trucks can be particularly dangerous on residential streets. They often stop as the driver gets out to deliver packages. Drivers often scan their GPS or addresses to ensure they’re at the right house. Unfortunately, they can create numerous dangers when delivery drivers are negligent or don’t indicate their intentions.

Below, we’ll provide some tips for drivers to stay safe when they’re near delivery trucks. By following these tips, you can work to avoid a severe accident.

Give the Delivery Truck Space

You know that delivery drivers can make sudden stops. If you’re driving too close to them, it could quickly lead to a rear-end accident. If you’re driving behind a delivery truck, remember to give them extra space in case they need to stop.

Passing a Delivery Truck

If you need to pass a delivery truck, it’s vital to consider a few things first:

  • Can you see the driver of the delivery truck, and can they exit on the side where you are passing?
  • Is there another car coming in the opposite direction, and do you have the time to pass?
  • Is the delivery truck going to move before you can pass it?
  • Are any pedestrians in the area?

Be Patient

Above all else, never rush to get around a delivery truck. There are so many elements that can turn this dangerous situation deadly. Be careful and stay patient. You’ll get the opportunity to get around the delivery truck safely and avoid a potentially severe accident.

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