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insurance adjuster looking at damage on a vehicle

How the Value of a Claim Changes On Each Side

You never want to think that a professional who is supposed to protect you will do something that puts your chance of compensation at risk. It’s an unfortunate reality, though, as insurance companies are concerned with their profits instead of helping claimants in need.

Insurance adjusters look at claims much differently than mechanics, doctors, and other professionals. As a result, insurance companies offer an evaluation that fits their own best interests rather than providing claimants with the amount they need and deserve. Here’s how this can look:

Insurance Adjusters Offer Less Value

Insurance companies will combat many claims, especially when it comes to how much a person should recover. You may claim your vehicle repair’s costs are upwards of a few thousand dollars, but insurance adjusters will claim your losses are less than that and you should receive a few hundred dollars.

While you may have receipts to go with your losses, your insurance company may still try to combat those losses. For instance, you may show that you lost so much income because of your injury, but insurance companies may state that you could have worked in some capacity and that you may not be able to recover compensation for all losses.

How to Protect Your Claim’s Value

Insurance companies have adjusters and lawyers, along with other support teams. All of them have one focus in mind: their profits. They try hard to deny paying out compensation as much as possible. Whether they minimize your claim or outright deny it, the best way to protect yourself is to have a lawyer on your side.

With an attorney, you can pursue the compensation you need after an accident without concern regarding the insurance company’s attempt to devalue your losses.

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