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10 Secrets of Auto Insurance Companies You Should Know

Insurance companies should be there for claimants when they need it most. Unfortunately, these large businesses will go to great lengths to keep their profits up and minimize how much they pay out in compensation. The focus on profits means insurance adjusters are quick to keep secrets and do whatever they can to avoid paying out too much money.

If you need to file a claim, you should recognize the secrets that insurance adjusters won’t tell you. Below, we’ll provide you with information regarding 10 secrets auto insurance companies keep from you, allowing you to understand your rights and what to expect.

These 10 secrets include the following:

  1. They don’t want you to hire an attorney.
  2. They act friendly, but they’re not.
  3. They want to record your statement to use it against you.
  4. They make false statements to get you to believe in them.
  5. They are trained in negotiations.
  6. They would rather settle your case instead of going to trial.
  7. They have legal teams protecting their bottom line.
  8. They have doctors that contradict your claims.
  9. They change your claim’s value with their own experts.
  10. They claim you can only recover what they offer and nothing more.

1. They Don’t Want You to Hire an Attorney

Insurance adjusters know that if you hire an attorney, there is a higher chance they’ll have to pay out more compensation. It’s in their best interests if insurance adjusters can convince you that you can handle your claim without pursuing legal help.

2. They Act Friendly, But They’re Not

Insurance adjusters will never outright tell you what they want to accomplish, but they’ll act friendly throughout the process so you trust them. Unfortunately, if you trust them enough, they’ll tell you everything they think you want to hear to protect themselves.

3. They Want to Record Your Statement to Use it Against You

Insurance adjusters will ask that you provide them with a recorded statement about the accident. They hope that you’ll say something that they can use against you, such as saying you are not injured. If you make contradicting statements or otherwise say something an insurance adjuster can use against you, they’ll be quick to do so.

4. They Make False Statements to Get You to Believe In Them

In what is considered an unethical practice, insurance adjusters may make false statements throughout the process to get you to believe what they say. If they can get you to believe their statements, it can significantly damage how much you may recover.

5. They are Trained In Negotiations

Negotiations are a part of the process, and insurance companies know this. They train their insurance adjusters to talk to you in a way that allows them to offer you less. The negotiations can be difficult alone, and that’s what insurance adjusters are hoping for.

6. They Would Rather Settle Your Case Instead of Going to Trial

A trial can cost a lot more money and make it more expensive for insurance companies. As such, they would much rather settle a case for much less than you deserve. However, insurance adjusters are more likely to try and settle for less when you need compensation the most.

7. They Have Legal Teams Protecting Their Bottom Line

When you deal with insurance companies and adjusters, you’re essentially dealing with larger legal teams who defend claims all the time. These legal teams try to find any possible option to deny your claim and pay out as little as possible.

8. They Have Doctors That Contradict Your Claims

Insurance companies have access to doctors and medical professionals who may try and contradict your claim. They may try to say that your injury was pre-existing or that your injury wasn’t as severe as you claim that it was.

9. They Change Your Claim’s Value with Their Own Experts

Evaluation of a claim can vary greatly from your own team’s estimates to the estimates that the insurance companies provide. Insurance adjusters may try to say that your property damage repairs cost a specific amount, but your mechanic may give you a higher cost. It’s difficult to challenge insurance adjusters on your own.

10. They Claim You Can Only Recover What They Offer and Nothing More

One way insurance companies minimize how much you can recover is claiming that you can only get what they offer and nothing more. They’ll tell you they can only offer you one settlement, and if you decline it, you won’t receive anything. Insurance adjusters are not truthful, and this is one way they take advantage of a vulnerable situation.

At Lowe Law Group, we’re committed to helping you understand what rights and options you have to pursue compensation. We know how insurance companies work and what their goals are. Unfortunately, they’re often successful in their mission to minimize claims, and it hurts those who are already dealing with physical, emotional, and financial hardships.

Our car accident attorneys are prepared to stand by your side throughout the entire process. We don’t back down from insurance adjusters because we know how much you need us. We’ll be there for you through every step of the process, providing you with trusted advocacy and tenacity to obtain the outcome you need.