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Winter Accidents and Negligence

Several accidents occur in the winter months alone each year. Unfortunately for many of those who suffer injuries, negligent individuals often try to claim that the weather was the primary cause of the crash. However, it’s crucial to know that the weather conditions would never excuse someone’s negligence. Here are some things you should know about your rights.

Driving Safely for the Conditions

People must drive safely for conditions. If the winter weather impacts a person’s ability to drive safely, they should slow down below the posted speed limits. People can drive safely for conditions by giving others enough room and increasing their visibility as much as possible.

A driver who speeds in inclement weather or drives too close to others can cause severe crashes. It’s easy for individuals to lose control of their vehicles in this type of weather, so they must consider the dangers whenever they’re on the road.

When Drivers Fail to Maintain Their Vehicles

When someone owns a vehicle, they must work to ensure it’s safe for operation. Proper maintenance can prevent accidents from occurring—especially in inclement weather. A driver who doesn’t maintain their vehicle properly is liable for any crash they cause because of their neglect.

Your Right to Legal Counsel

Know that the weather conditions don’t remove someone’s negligence after a crash. If negligence exists, you still have legal rights to hold specific parties accountable and pursue maximum compensation for any and all damages you sustain.

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