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Should I Sign What the Insurance Company Sends Me?

Insurance companies: They’re necessary for individuals to protect themselves on the road, but when it comes to a car accident, these large corporations may be difficult to deal with. Unfortunately, it can be a complicated process, and insurance companies may request you sign numerous papers and provide statements about the crash you endured.

Whenever an insurance company sends you paperwork to sign, there are a few things you want to do before signing anything. Here’s what you should know about this tactic.

Insurance Companies Hope You Don’t Know What the Paperwork Is

Insurance companies are not always honest about what they want you to sign, nor do they tell you everything going on with your case. As such, they hope that you’re unaware of what the paperwork is that they send you, so you sign it and allow them to settle for much less than you need.

You may hear from the insurance company, and they may try to convince you that the paperwork is essential to the claim, even if it can damage your ability to pursue compensation. Make sure you review the paperwork thoroughly before you do anything else.

You Can Have Your Lawyer Review the Paperwork

You don’t have to send back the paperwork as soon as they tell you. In fact, too much urgency can cause you to make a mistake. Take your time to review the paperwork and have your attorney take a look at the forms as well.

The insurance company may try to request that you send the paperwork back, signed, within a specific timeframe, but you have rights and your attorney can help protect them. Make sure your attorney gives you the go-ahead to sign the paperwork and that it isn’t going to impact your ability to get compensation.

Our car accident lawyers at Lowe Law Group are here to help you through the process. We’ll work on your behalf to deal with the insurance company and prevent them from taking advantage of an already vulnerable situation. You can count on us to give you a voice when you may feel like you’re alone and nobody’s listening.

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