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Brain Injury Scan

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Patient and Doctor Viewing Brain Injury ScanWe know that traumatic brain injuries are some of the most catastrophic; however, recognizing the different types of TBIs can be helpful in your recovery. Below, our personal injury lawyers detail some of the different types of TBIs you may suffer because of someone else’s negligence.


Concussions occur in all types of situations. From sports injuries to car accidents, concussions are some of the most common traumatic brain injuries people sustain. These injuries often result in brief unconsciousness, pain, short-term memory loss, and confusion.


If you suffer from hemorrhaging, you may endure a significant amount of blood loss. Hemorrhaging is internal bleeding. This situation may occur in the following areas:

  • Around your brain
  • In the ventricles of your brain
  • Between the layers of the dura

If not treated quickly, this injury can be deadly. It’s vital for your doctor to work promptly whenever internal bleeding is present, especially when it involves your brain.


Infections can stem from medical malpractice should a doctor use non-sterile tools during surgery. You can also contract infections from other people without knowing. However, in terms of negligence, infections are most often the result of someone’s reckless actions. Babies can also suffer infections, and doctors who don’t identify the infection may be liable.


The opposite of hemorrhaging, you may suffer from hematoma if your blood is clotting. Clotting can occur in the following areas:

  • The section under your skull but outside of the brain
  • The space between the brain and the dura
  • In the brain tissue resulting from a blood vessel rupture

You may also experience skull fractures, contusions, or injuries resulting from penetrating damage.

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