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What are the Regulations in the Trucking Industry?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration exists to regulate the trucking industry throughout the United States. They provide additional laws that truck drivers, trucking companies, and others in the industry must follow to ensure safety on the road.

Unfortunately, some situations can lead to people violating those regulations and cause significant collisions. Below, we’ll detail three main regulations in the industry and why they’re so important to safety.

Weight Restrictions

The maximum weight for any commercial truck depends on the number of axles. However, the overall maximum weight for any truck or size is 80,000 pounds. No truck, no matter how many axles, can exceed the 80,000-pound limit or they run the risk of turning over, losing their cargo, or jackknifing.

Hours of Service

The Hours of Service regulations set forth by the FMCSA detail the total number of hours that a truck driver is allowed to work. These regulations also dictate how long the driver can drive, how long rest periods must be, and how these numbers differ in passenger-carrying vehicles and property-carrying vehicles.

Hours of Service regulations exist to prevent drowsy driving. Unfortunately, because many trucking companies set tight deadlines for deliveries, drivers often ignore these Hours of Service regulations, and they instead work longer than they should.

Maintenance Requirements

Trucking companies must take steps to maintain the large commercial vehicles in their fleet. Checking for any problems is vital before a truck leaves the warehouse. Allowing a truck to leave without maintenance can lead to some of the most catastrophic damages.

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